Fantasy Football League

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Fantasy Football League

Alma fiesta, the premier cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, is partnering up with Fanzoo Sports, India’s first completely customizable fantasy sports platform to give you the Alma Fiesta Fantasy Football League. Play for free at and stand a chance to win awesome prizes! Game On!

What is fantasy sports?

Fantasy Sports are fun filled online games, in which you create and manage a virtual team of your favourite professional athletes from a particular sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players. You choose the team, the players perform and you get the points!


Each Week you have a chance to win upto Rs. 8000 worth of PayTM Vouchers! Even if your team doesn't do well, we give you discount coupons. The overall winner of the two-week league gets a grand prize as well! As we say - At Fanzoo, the Fan always wins!

Dates of the league:

  • Week 1 - 14 and 15 Jan

  • Week 2 - 21 and 22 Jan

How to play:

  1. Sign up at and Join the Alma Fiesta Fantasy League

  2. Choose your Formation. Hint: Formation 4-3-3 gives you most attackers!

  3. Choose your Players. Hint: Star players like Zlatan are more costly and you need to stay within budget. Choose Wisely!

  4. Submit your team before the first EPL game on Jan 14th. Your Team is then set for Week 1.

  5. Check our Live Leaderboard during and after the games to see how your team did!

  6. It's the same simple process for Week 2! Submit your team before the EPL matches begins on 21 Jan.

About Fanzoo Sports

Fanzoo Sports is an online gaming platform which is revolutionising fantasy sports in India. They offer weekly fantasy sports games where the sports fan can win amazing prizes just for participating. With a live and dynamic leaderboard and new smack talk options, Fanzoo has the best Fantasy Gaming Interface in India. What’s more, it’s always free to play. At Fanzoo, the Fan always wins! See more at